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Rock, Paper, Scissors  
Russell and Autumn in an entertaining short that is wildly different from our usual.
ID #: tbm50-mp4
Price: $4.00

Rose and the Whip  
Rose is chained with her wrists high over her head for a workover with whips and paddles, followed by an orgasm brought on by cunt-slapping.
ID #: tbm48-mp4
Price: $10.00

Reaction Shot  
Russell works Candy over nice and hard, first against the rack then suspended in the air.
ID #: tbm47-mp4
Price: $11.00

Joelle Earns Her Badges  
Joelle earns some BDSM merit badges, and boy does she earn them.
ID #: tbm46-mp4
Price: $11.00

Hurting Sadee  
Sadee and Russell have a close, intense scene involving handcuffs, thumbcuffs, leather gloves, a riot baton, and a weighted sap.
ID #: tbm45-mp4
Price: $11.00

Lucy is a Brat, part 1  
Lucy and Russell wrestle- slapping, tickling, pinching, paddling, shrieking, and squirming
ID #: tbm43a-mp4
Price: $6.00

Lucy is a Brat, part 2  
Russell does terrible things to Lucy's asshole, and she has a very nice orgasm.
ID #: tbm43b-mp4
Price: $8.00

Hands On  
Lauren and Maxx eschew toys in favor of the sort of intense intimacy that only skin-to-skin contact can bring.
ID #: tbm40-mp4
Price: $10.00

Not Wrestling!  
Nikki insisted that what Russell called 'secured wrestling' wasn't anything of the sort, that it was being increasingly tied up while he took advantage of her
ID #: tbm39-mp4
Price: $10.00

Rose Red  
Lauren first straps Rose down for caning and paddling, then ties her into a sling for some extended genitorture.
ID #: tbm38-mp4
Price: $11.00

Having Fun With Emily  
Emily and Russell play around with sharp metal things, tiger balm in new and uncomfortable places, and some unique games with fire...
ID #: tbm37-mp4
Price: $11.00

Everyone Likes Candy  
Lauren and Candy play with zipties and clothespins
ID #: tbm36-mp4
Price: $11.00

Testing Claire Adams  
Russell and Claire Adams- wrestling, endurance games and intense electrical play.
ID #: tbm35-mp4
Price: $11.00

Stress Relief  
Rose Algren and Russell work off some stress with rough breast play, some paddling, and a hard flogging.
ID #: tbm31-mp4
Price: $11.00

London Wired  
London likes medical play. She kinks on knives. She likes to push. But she's never played hard with electricity before...
ID #: tbm29-mp4
Price: $10.00

Madison in Trouble (part 1)  
Russell and Madison Young wrestle, then he alternates slapping her breasts and cunt until they're all bright red.
ID #: tbm23a-mp4
Price: $9.00

Madison in Trouble (part 2)  
Russell straps Madison to a spanking bench, and does everything but spank her
ID #: tbm23b-mp4
Price: $8.00

Nikki On Stage  
Russell and Nikki explore new frontiers in what, exactly, a striptease includes.
ID #: tbm22-mp4
Price: $10.00

Rose is Hot  
Rose Algren and Russell play in the shower with a whole lot of ice.
ID #: tbm21-mp4
Price: $10.00

Pirate vs Ninja  
Our (in)famous film competition shoot
ID #: tbm20-mp4
Price: $5.00

Marking Up Madison  
Russell whips Madison Young, and spanks her cunt hard.
ID #: tbm11a-mp4
Price: $10.00

Playing with Emily  
Russell torments cute schoolgirl Emily
ID #: tbm03-mp4
Price: $10.00

Enjoying Maxx  
Lauren and Maxx's first shoot
ID #: tbm02-mp4
Price: $9.00
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