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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate in Jeans

Do you want to play with the girl next door? You always used to, in the long summers, games like Cowboys and Indians (she was always the Cowgirl, and somehow she always got tied to the totem pole). Games like Doctors and Nurses (how did the Nurse always end up needing some treatment?). Games like Cops and Robbers (guess which one of you always ended up in the handcuffs?) Well you've both grown up now. College was fun, but now you're back for another long summer. And she's got a look in her eyes that you haven't seen before. It says "play with me", like it used to. But it also says "play with me, and do with me as you will". She's learnt a few things at college. So have you. Like what a hogtie is, and how much fun it can be to put a pretty girl into one...

You were never that great at tying knots when you were kids, so of course she always used to be able to wriggle out of whatever "peril" you put her in. You've picked up a few things since. She actually seems to be surprised at you. That hogtie's tight, especially with her elbows together behind her back like that. Makes it kind-of hard work to breathe in and out in fact. That means she's all breathless... although there might just be another reason for that! Seems she's even about to start asking for the ropes to be slackened off... don't think so, though. Maybe the silk scarf in her mouth will keep her quiet?

These are some of my favourite images of Kate... and she foolishly let on that she can tuck her ankles behind her ears, which she proceeded to demonstrate for me. Next time I'm going to tie her in that position for a while I think!

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