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Belle Nurse

I've been called to the Evil Magician's secret lair. It appears that an assistant has met an unfortunate end on a trick that went wrong, so I'm going to see if there is any way I can help bring the poor soul back to life. As I walk in all is not what it seems. I'm ushered into the underground hide out and it is here that the evil magician tries to put an unsightly spell on me. I threaten to call the police if he doesn't let me go. He walks closer and I can't help but wince as I wonder what is under that spooky mask. He really is quite frightening and I'm wondering what he's planning on doing next. "You will not escape me!" He gestures in a maddening way and I'm instantly tied up!! "I'd quite like to have you as my little sex toy Nurse Belle you really are such a turn on!" I give him a look of utter shock at the mere suggestion that I stay here and just have sex with him all the time (although personally I must say I can think of worse jobs to have!) I try to not look amused and instead show a big displeased face when he comes over and undoes my buttons! How dare he! I inch away from the Evil Magicians tongue and he tells me how hard his magic stick is. "You are foul! Do you really think I would want to screw you?!" I retort through the huge gag which makes me sound distorted The Evil Magician looks at me and looks down to my breasts which are hard and erect before his very eyes. "Those little pert nipples confirm that you think I'm the sexiest man alive Nurse Belle - you want me bad" I snort and gag on the gag which causes me to dribble all over the floor....

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