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Belle Sold

What a nice morning so far. Master has kindly come in and taken me out of my cage and got me in my posh frock! Oh maybe he’s taking me to eat some cake now that would be perfect! Then... a complete surprise! I am bundled out of the mansion and taken all the way to the airport, where Master puts me on a plane all the way to Shanghai! He tells me we are going to the Slave Market... he must be going to buy me a slavegirl of my own!! Master speaks to me.... "Well now the time has finally come. It is one year since you entered my service and were put into Belle's Corner. You have displayed nothing but bratishness since arriving at my mansion. You’ve tried to run off with other Masters by stripping for them, stolen my cakes, whipped models without my permission and basically been the worst slave girl I've ever had! I've decided to get rid of you- a year is enough!" Before I knew it her plan had worked and the slave model was taken away! She give me a few kicks and left me there! Master was staring at me almost a little sadly but not sadly enough as he started to walk away from me. I couldn’t help but beg I didn’t want master to leave me here with all these other smelly Masters! "No Belle it’s to late. I don't know if anyone will even buy you, but I have had enough of you. They all know what a brat you are! You will have to live on that cold floor forever without any food whatsoever let alone cake!" With that Master left me. All alone…. Without my Master….. Oh no! What will become of me?

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