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Sabrina - Medusa Sunburst

The moment I saw this strange sculpture on the wall in France, I knew we had to make some use of it in photos. It was Sabrina who suggested the fashion-shoot look and aesthetic when we discovered that the thing was actually a light fitting, not just a sculpture! Left to my own devices I would probably have come up with some baroque gothic storyline about the priestess of the cult of Medusa, being sacrificed and turned into stone. On reflection, maybe I should have shot a set with that storyline as well!

Instead we went for a very crisp and clean look, Sabrina modelling the shiny chromed handcuffs and leg irons like they were the latest season's slavegirl fashion accessories. I wanted to really go with the fashion imagery, so I broke one of my usual rules of shooting for some of these pics and put a very wide angle lens on the camera. The cool perspective distortions you can produce ar perhaps not as flattering as the shots I took with the more normal portrait lens, but I really liked the drama and impact they added to the photos.

Thanks again to Sabrina for being such a star in France!

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