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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - It's MY turn in the globe cage!

Ariel was getting quite annoyed that all the other models got to do lovely fun photosets in the globe cage, but the only time she had been allowed in it was when she was blindfolded and had cascades of wax dripping onto her in the "circle of fire" punishment. So, freshly reinstated as the resident slavegirl and wearing her slave collar, we decided to let her have a play in the cage...

Now if it had been left to Ariel, things might have stopped at her having a play in the globe cage in her slave collar. But Steve had a wicked idea he wanted to try- a metal strappado in the cage! So we shackled Ariel's hands together behind her back and attached them to the cage. Suddenly a nice fun playful set turned into something very strict: this is a challenging position at the best of times, and constrained in the cage and fastened with unforgiving, unyielding metal instead of nice soft rope makes it really pretty tough.

Of course, Ariel moaned a bit... and of course, when she came out she was thrilled to have done it!

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