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Ariel Anderssen
Ariel - A Big Misunderstanding

Honestly, it was all a big misunderstanding. Sure, she was a secretary in the Defence department, and sure, all sorts of papers about nuclear physics and atomic bombs had passed over her desk. And sure, it was a bit of a coincidence, her showing up on vacation just over the road from where the secret technology forum was going to be. But honestly, the binoculars were for bird-watching, not peeping in on the blackboards at the meeting!

Please, officer, do I look like a Russian spy? There's no need to go getting the military police from the summit now, is there? I'm just a dumb blonde (with great legs) in the wrong place at the wrong time, officer. Surely you can think of something better to do with me than tie me up and hand me over to the MPs? I won't try to get out or run away, I promise... wait! Why are you taking my shoes? There's a lot of really sharp gravel all around here you know! I promise I'll wait for you until you get back with the MPs...

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