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Paige Robbins
Ariel and Paige: Droit de seigneur

Strictly speaking, the feudal lord's droit de seigneur or lord's right was only supposed to cover taking the virginity of the villages' virgin girls. But when you have the army and the peasants aren't even allowed pitchforks, your rights can get just a little expanded.

Like taking not just the virginity of the villages' virgin girls, but the virgin girls themselves. On their eighteenth birthday, the girl would be collected as tribute by the lord's tax collector. They would be taken to the castle to await the lord's pleasure.

Ariel and Paige had been best friends forever. Born on the same day, they lived either side of the village green. They knew at least that when the lord's men came to take them, they would be taken together... whatever fate might befall them! Bound tightly by the soldiers, but virginity untouched. The lord was very jealous of his rights, and any soldier who got too frisky was going to find himself hanged, drawn and quartered in very short order. The girls shivered despite the warmth of the summer sun as they were tied and left in tribute on the castle lawn, to await their lord's pleasure....

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