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Hannah Claydon
VIDEO: Hannah - Chat Room Tease Gets It!

It is boring being a trustfund-ette. No challenges, too much money, far too much time. One has to make one's amusements where one can, don't you know? EmilyP is her pen-name for doing little harmless exhibitionism on the web- making kinky videos and uploading them for her chatroom fn followers to watch! This way she gets to indulge herself in a little showing off, and just about makes up for the fact that she's got no boyfriend (or girlfriend) to tie her up for real. It's just a bit of harmless teasing and squeeze for the hoi polloi, might as well give them a look at what they can't afford to touch!

Of course, some of the fans in her chatroom will keep trying it on. She's made it perfectly clear that her panties are going to be staying on, in every video, every time! But some of them do so want to see her reveal all. But rules are rules!

Unbeknowst to her, her shows have been attracting much more specialised attention from the sort of buyers who can afford absolutely anything- even a trustfund-ette slavegirl!

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