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Chloe James
Chloe: No Asset to the Abbey

The other girls weren't terribly clear about why Chloe had joined the convent, she seemed pretty disinterested in a life of prayer. And although she professed to have no interest at all in boys, she just seemed so naughty, as though whether she was mopping floors or arranging flowers, she was thinking about something much, much more exciting.

So it didn't really come as much of a surprise when she was caught climbing in through one of the abbey windows at 3am, dressed in nothing but an extremely skimpy negligee! The Reverend Mother was appalled, and decreed that as punishment, Chloe would be locked into the steel fiddle (which conveniently trapped the wearer's hands in a prayerful position) and not allowed to wear any clothes at all for the whole day...

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