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VIDEO: Sapphire - The Adventures of Sapphire Peel - The Ticking Timebomb

She'd wormed her way into the gun-runners' confidence, spent weeks undercover. Now she was really getting somewhere- the boss himself had noticed her. Taking advantage of his fondness for busty blondes, Sapphire had got herself an invite to his party that evening. She planned to slip away and investigate his lair, see what secrets she could find in his office... but his female assistant had her number and caught her in the act!

"So glad you could join us, Miss Peel. You see, we need to dispose of the evidence in this place, and you're just one more inconvenient little piece to dispose of. I assure you that the dynamite will leave very little of you for the authorities to find....

We hope you enjoy our new series, a homage to sexy Sixties liberated starlets like Emma Peel- The Adventures of Sapphire Peel!

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