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Penny Lee
Penny Lee: Off Duty Superheroine

"So kind of you to agree to this interview, Miss Fantastic. We know you superheros are kept very busy, so it is very good of you to give up some of your valuable off-duty time to talk to FU Magazine."

"Oh, it's a pleasure! We couldn't do what we do without the public's support, you know! Fights with villains do tend to level city blocks, and people are so very understanding! So, what questions do your readers have for me?"

"We have quite a few about your famous outfits, your designers, and of course your lovely elegant home. But before I start asking our readers' questions, I have one of my own which I just HAVE to ask... I mean... I can't help noticing... you're all tied up. What's that about?"

"Well, several reasons! The main one is that as a superheroine, I'm at much greater risk than usual of being captured and held prisoner by supervillains. Dr. Destructo has personally kidnapped me no less than six times! It pays to be prepared, and you can't figure out how to function in a situation unless you practice, practice, practice!"

"So you practice getting out?"

"Well, sometimes! But today is more of a recreational, get used to the being tied up situation sort of day. Practicing how it feels to be tied up, you know? So it doesn't freak me out if it happens again for real."

"I see! You said there were several reasons, though?"

"Yes, true! Well, there's also the fact that my personal trainer says the force of the ropes are useful in passive muscle development. You know, the sort of thing that develops strength without adding muscle bulk, by working the fibres constantly"

"Oh yes, like a sort of super elastoband workout? I see. But that's only two reasons, and several means at least three to me...'

"Well, a girl has to keep some secrets, you know? But I'm just saying why would even a girl with a few little super-powers go for such a high-risk line of work as battling sadistic criminal masterminds if she didn't, well, if she wasn't into, ah... let's say if she didn't have a full and mature appreciation of the risks of being kidnapped and be more than cool with it?"

"OH! Oh, I see!

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