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Aisha: Nobody likes a critic

"Well, the chair's nice. But the mirror doesn't go, and what a shame you can see the lights on the ceiling in it from some angles. And did you really have to add the vase- it's a bit 1970's, don't you think? Honestly, I don't know why you paid so much money for this, dah-ling. Oh, no, let's get on and take the photos. We won't tell ghastly FU Magazine that it's your place, OK? We'll just pretend it's all mine but I'm going to have it redecorated. Thanks, Julia, you're SUCH a pal! Now, where would you like me, Mr. Photographer? Oh, you're going to stand THERE are you? And an eight-five millimetre lens? I find the fifty so much more flattering. And strobes? What is this, the nineteen seventies? Well, I dare say we can make something of these photos anyway. Be sure to concentrate on my good side, dah-ling, that's what my fans are paying to see... Wait, Julia, what are you doing? You're supposed to be my fr... mppph!"

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