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Scarlot Rose
Scarlot: Days Gone By

Travelling around England, staying in old manor houses and mansions, certainly encourages one's mind to wander, to ponder on times of old and days gone by. Staying in the Master bedroom, looking at the footstool in the window, one's thoughts turn to the events that may have happened there hundreds of years ago. Were village girls brought here to the Lord of the Manor's court, to suffer punishment for their transgressions? Would they be clapped in irons, forced to bear the weight of a yoke or fiddle around their slender necks for as long as the Lord might decree?

Then one's mind turns to salacious embellishments. Perhaps the Lord was a colossal pervert, who had the girls stripped naked before being brought to his chambers. Perhaps he even invented the ring gag, so he could force them to pleasure him in all ways without putting his mighty sword at any sort of risks from recalcitrant fillies "chomping at the bit"?

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