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Gemma Craven
Gemma and the Chamber of Light

Most of the models I work with like shooting to storyline. Gemma, we discovered, is happier just playing in front of the camera and being allowed to get on with her job and look beautiful for the cameras. So for this set we abandoned complex storylines of wizards and witches and evil queens in favour of lots of light, some white rope, and some see-through panels for Gemma to play with. Wouldn't you like to go play too?

By this stage Gemma was really having a lot of fun on the floor. I always put a thick duvet under the backdrops so she was rolling around in something soft, warm and cosy. She started to play with the ropes, which normally she doesn't do. She started to smile too... maybe a bit too often for a damsel in distress... but my whole philosophy is that bondage can be fun so I could hardly object, could I? And the gauze layers came gradually cascading down...

Remember I said that Gemma seems to work best when left to her own devices and told to look good for the camera? Well you've seen what happens when she feels playful. This is what happens when she decides to be sultry. She did have way too much freedom of movement though, so I thought some wide black leather straps, a spreader bar and a bit-gag might slow her down a little!

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