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Belle in Handcuffs

Umm….no one is around I might as well have a wonder and see what beautiful tying and torture equipment I can find of the Masters. A cupboard over there…why it looks unlocked…..maybe I will just have a quick peek…. "What the hell are you doing you naughty Belle?" uh-oh it was Master I was for it now! "Hello Master, I was just going to do a bit of spring cleaning for you and was looking for a duster" I merrily chirped hoping Master wouldn't see my knees quaking together "I don't think so Belle when the hell have you ever done anything nice for me?" Right that was it! How dare Master say such a awful thing! I was a brilliant Slave girl and always put up with those damn models bothering me and being kicked out of my corner AND getting no bloody cake! With that I lashed out and kicked the air!

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