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Vicki Holloway
Vicki and The Magic Mirror

He was a little odd, but he was always very polite to her when they met in the corridor at work. They'd even had a bit of a chat over coffee sometimes after meetings. Unlike most of her office workers, he at least looked her in the eye when they spoke, rather than having his gaze fixed on her bust. She didn't really know much about him, though he seemed to be around 40 he had a sort of ageless face. He was very slim, hardly anything to him, and just a hint of hollowness to his cheeks that spoke of something a little dark in his past.

She was totally taken aback when he bought her a mirror for her birthday. She couldn't even remember telling him when her birthday was, but it didn't matter- a nice present was a nice present! She decided to try it out as she made herself up to go out and party. It was a good size, and propped up on the table it made a very good make-up mirror.

But she thought there had to be a flaw in the glass. Because out of the corner of her eye she suddenly saw a distortion, like a funfair warped mirror. She sat back, a bit surprised that she hadn't noticed it. She moved her head slowly from side to side- there! Not just a little flaw, the whole mirror looked like it was rippled! Out of the corner of her eye she caught a flash like a cheap camera at a rock concert. She leaned towards to mirror... and suddenly it looked fine. Very confused, she sat back again- and this time there was no mistaking it! The mirror itself was glowing, and rippling like water! She leaned closer, her nose almost touching the mirror. It was perfectly smooth. Then the light filled her eyes... and she felt an unearthly force seize hold of her and drag her bodily through the rippling glass of the living mirror and deposit her on the far side!

She was trapped inside the mirror! She pressed against the glass, staring out, shouting and beating her fists on the glass- to no avail. She was trapped!

He obviously didn't want her to get any ideas about smashing the glass of the mirror. When she hit it too hard, she suddenly found herself physically thrown backwards. Gleaming steel cuffs appeared at her wrists, ankles and thumbs to make sure she got the message. At least a stool appeared for her to sit on. He obviously wanted her to have a comfortable time, but not too comfortable! The more she explored the white room in the world behind the mirror, the more chains and bonds appeared. When she started kicking the walls, she suddenly found her hands hoisted above her head and she dangled for an instant from her wrists.

"OK, OK! I get the damn message OK? Be a good little girl and wait for whatever is coming!"

It seemed she had been a prisoner in the land of white shadows behind the mirror's face forever. Once in a while, she got the feeling that she was being watched... and each time, shortly afterwards, she would mysteriously fall into a deep sleep. She would awaken, days or weeks later (she had no way to know), inexplicably refreshed, fed and watered, her every bodily need satisfied. And each time she would find herself in a new bondage position.

She hoped her admirer was enjoying the show. When she got her hands on him she was going to insert the damn mirror up his back passage... the only doubt was whether she would leave it whole of break it into razor-sharp shards first and shove them up there one at a time!

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