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Christina Carter
Christina - Brought To Heel

She needs a firm hand. Or maybe a firm foot, planed in the back of her neck to keep her face kissing the floor in the correct attitude of respect and deference. The manor house isn't quite what she expected- as a society submissive she was used to champagne receptions and kinky sex under the tables, not head-harnesses and heavy steel yokes.

But there was no doubt that being brought to heel was exactly what she needed, she thought as she rubbed herself against the leg of another of the nameless masters at the manor house. She needed to be punished, disciplined, put through her paces, made to come to heel and beg for an orgasm, for final relief from the insatiable building arousal that she was only allowed to indulge once per weekend. Only one orgasm! In a whole weekend! But it was one hell of an orgasm when it came!

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