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Sabrina: Body Cage

Belle had had enough of Sabrina playing the tough guy. Still smarting from being tied down and made totally helpless, she decided to get her revenge on Sabrina! First of all she chose the sexiest, girliest outfit from Sabrina's suitcase and made her put it on, choosing a tight PVC mini-dress for herself. She picked a cane from the display rack in the dungeon and swished it thoughtfully- that should scare the life out of Sabrina and get her back! And it wouldn't be enough to make her dress so sexily- she was going to have to be led in on a collar and made to strip before bending over and taking a few strokes of the cane! But that wasn't all Belle had in store for her... Sabrina's Mistress punishes her by putting her in the body cage, and hoisting her off the ground! Hanging suspended from a single strand of rope, several feet above the ground, all Sabrina can do is to suffer as her Mistress prods, pokes, gropes and canes her!

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