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Petra & Belle: In Police Custody

OK, so she had been speeding. But hey, it was a brand-new bike, she had to try it out! The patrolwoman who had nicked her seemed a bit strange, though. Surely you weren't allowed to clap people in irons any more? And interrogation techniques seemed a bit bloody over the top for a speeding offence! Just her luck... stuck in a cell with a kinky lesbian pervert cop! Petra's kinky police captor decides to take her in hand- and starts groping her! She rips off her bra and roughly fondles her breasts... but it isn't for Petra's pleasure, it is for Belle's... she's not going to get anything out of it, and to make sure Belle lets her magnificent breasts have it with the riding crop! Then she pulls down Petra's painted-on-jeans...

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