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Belle Porn Star Chair

I asked my new boyfriend who had never tried bondage before to try it and that was it! He started with my hands and his fingers trembled over the red rope as I made him all horny in my black basque and matching panties. I gave him directions at first on how to tie me then he just picked it up. I loved feeling the rope pull tightly over my wrists and cut in. I begged him to tie my feet to the chair as well which he did. I wanted to have an orgasm right then but wanted to titillate him some more before I let myself explode. I grinded my hips into the chair as his eyes followed every curve of my body. My nipples became hard underneath my basque as I tugged on the rope at my feet. My legs being wide open and tied so I couldn't move turned my boyfriend on no end and he moaned with pleasure as he watched me get hotter and hotter. ....

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