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Belle Put In The Stocks By Sabrina

She caught me sneaking out of my corner and told my Master so he said she could do what she liked with me. She asked Master if she could take me for a drive to somewhere she knew. Master wasn't sure but when the evil model said that it would involve pain and me being really scared he happily agreed. So she bundled me in her little red corvette and took me flying half way up the other side of the world it felt like! She even took the roof off her car and it was January! She didn't care though as she had on a really nice warm fluffy jacket with matching hood but poor me only had on my little silk negligee so I was frozen by the time we got to where we were going. When the horrid model parked the car we were in front of a little black door. Didn't look that bad to me. She led me in and made me walk up what seemed like one thousand steps. When would it end? But finally it did and my little toes hurt from the frozen cold. Not to mention my freezing cold hands. It was horrible. She pushed my head through a wrought iron door and what met me was very unexpected. There we were in what seemed like hell on earth!

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