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Belle Shanghai Hooker

Now you may see me as sweet and innocent sometimes….but you don’t really know about my other world. My world of such seduction that it leaves me aching for more…..having time to myself gets me thinking all kinds of wonderful, sexy, earth shattering fantasies that will just leave you wanting it to go on and on……So come and join me on one of my favourites. "The heat of the pavement under my feet rises up in a wave over my already sweat soaked body. I see the city lights twinkling in the puddles of the recent downpour that had left traces of drops on my smooth bare legs. It was nearing midnight and I desperately needed the comfort of a warm bed and hot body. Business had been slow and the downpour had caught me out and had left my hair in frizzy little curls, I hated it when it went like that. My little black dress clung to every curve of my body and despite looking a little dishevelled I felt soooo horny...."

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