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Belle Sofa Reading

There I was quietly reading my book….having a lazy day I suppose you could say. Although must admit I'm feeling pretty damn horny today. After trying bondage for the 1st time the other day with my boyfriend I must admit I haven't stopped thinking about it! Then speak of the devil in he walks. "Hey Sexy whatcha doing?" "Not much just reading a book and chilling out why what are you up to?" "I'm bored and want you to entertain me again like you did the other day!" I know I said I was feeling horny but have to confess I feel pretty tired today and just want to read my book. When I tell my boyfriend this he doesn't seem to want to take no for an answer. I try and read my book but he keeps on bugging me. So I get a little nasty with him which really annoys him. He disappears and I feel all triumphant because I think Ive managed to get rid of him and he's got the message. Just then he returns with some rope! Oh dear looks like I'm in trouble again!

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