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Belle In The Stocks

It's always really turned me on when I've thought about what things must have been like in medieval times. All those layers of clothing waiting to be eagerly pulled off by hungry eyes, being tied up and tortured by the devices of those days…... One day I just couldn't resist picking some apples from an orchard I was passing. All the apples looked shiny and red and the thought of my tongue on the cool flesh of the fruit was just too much to ignore.... I must have now been sitting in this god awful position for a few hours. I was so cold and my bottom was numb from the cold floor. The horrid farmer had disappeared somewhere and just left me here for all the townsfolk to see. I heard footsteps and saw him appear out of nowhere. "Umm so you think you can use those feminine curves to get me to give you an easy time ahey girl?" He was looking at me all greedily. I wasn't wearing any panties so I was hoping he couldn't see me all naked as he had put my feet in the stocks wide apart... "Well Sir what is it you want me to do for you?" The farmer was looking me up and down. Secretly what he wanted to do was give this little tease a good seeing-to - but first a little punishment. "Since you ask me girly then I'd like you to get back in those stocks" "Ok Sir whatever you ask of me I will do" I had no choice now I might as well do as he wants he had me by the boobies it seemed. I put my hands back through the stocks and again my naked bum was on show to all the world. I heard the men in the crowed jeering at the farmer to 'give me one' and the women were saying 'cut off her 'air the dirty slut'. Just then I saw the farmer walk off. Where was he going now? What was my fate to be? "I want a little show from you, you little tease! Gotta get me in the mood for a piece of that peachy bum of yours" "W-w-what do you mean?" I stammered "I mean I want a piece of that arse and I want you to get me in the mood, so come on, tease me" I was for it now but if I could get through this then I will be free to leave and go home! I looked at him as sexily as I could trying to turn him on. My bottom was in the air due to the way I was put in the stocks. The farmer was looking at my arse like all his Christmas's had come at once. He couldn't wait to give me a damn good seeing to. After a few sexy looks and a couple of bum wiggles he was all mine! He walked towards me undoing his belt as he walked.....

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