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Belle White Cuffs

Ohhhh! Look at that! Master has left a box right near my corner! Wonder if he wants me to open it or if I should leave it alone? Surely he wouldn't have put a box there just to torment me... "Look at all the mess you've made you naughty girl!" Master bellowed at me as he walked in. "Sorry Master it was so much fun all these cuffs just for me I couldn't help myself I just had to get into that box!" Master walked menacingly closer "What makes you think they were for you, Belle?" "Well er as they were in my corner Master I thought they were a present from you"... I heard Masters footsteps fade away Then he returned and placed a dust pan and brush in my hands. "Clean up all this mess you've made, it's filthy in here" As I couldn't see it was hard to sweep but Master kept kicking me on the bum or whacking me with a riding crop which seemed to be pointing me in the right direction...poor me!

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