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Sabrina – Chalcedony

Chalcedony looked at the hands of the stopped grandfather clock. The stopped granfather clock that was still ponderously tick-tocking. She knew that to the rest of the people in the house, she would suddenly have disappeared, her place taken by a pool of shadow. Here, in the realm where time was trying to push back in, she was isolated in a circle of light. A slowly, steadily shrinking circle of light. And still the stopped clock tick-tocked, measuring the fading of the light and the failing of hope. She wondered where her partner was. Trapped, she suspected, in some endless mental maze, and probably one from which she could easily have escaped. But mental gymnastics were hardly Tungsten's forte. She tried the chains once again. He could have burst free of them in an instant! But there was no escape for her. Soon, the rift would catch up and the slow tick-tock would wind down with the last of the light, and the darkness would be everlasting... and worst of all, it would mean they had failed. Perhaps the transuranics could save the fabric, but there would be a heavy price paid. Perhaps life would survive there on that world, but she doubted it. And still the light goes down... With apologies to P. J. Hammond

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