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The Elegance Network: Browsing Ariel Anderssen and Sabrina - Captured in the woods
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Ariel Anderssen and Sabrina - Captured in the woods

Such a lovely day! The first chill of the September morning had gone, and Ariel was playing in the forest, luxuriating in the lush feel of the grass against her skin, caressing the trunk of her very own tree, her lover, her partner, as solid as she was flighty. The partnership of a dryad and her forest. Poor tree! How he had hated it when the men from the castle came with their axes and chopped off some of his branches! How she had wished her magic was strong enough to see them off! But they had worn strange silver charms wrapped around them, and her magic just slid around them! But there were no sounds of clanking metal, no chopping axes today...The Enchantress could see the foolish dryad rolling around in the dirt. How pleased she had been when her men returned to the castle and told her of the sprite's existence! There was so much a clever Enchantress could do with a woodland dryad and a bit of cruel sorcery... the possibilities were endless! And of course, dryads were fabled for their beauty, a fact which the Enchantress pretended to herself had absolutely NO bearing on wanting to capture and enslave one!....She crept through the forest towards the sprite, her spells prepared, her twisted silver ropes ready to bind and imprison... the dryad caught sight of her at the last minute, tried desperately to flee! She raced to the base of her tree, her flesh already starting to fade into the dappled sparkling sunlight as she sought refuge within the wood. But the cold, merciless touch of the Enchantress' sigil dragged her back into cruel, solid reality. There would be no escape into insubstantiality this time! The enchanted ropes snaked and twisted, tightening around the helpless dryad's limbs as the cruel witch from the castle inspected her catch, her new plaything, her key to power...

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