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BONUS: Star Maiden

Xmas out-takes: over the years I've tried lots of experimental fun ideas. Most worked. Some didn't, quite. I thought it was time to reveal a few out-take sets where I had a nice idea... but where my skillz as a photographer weren't yet up to realising the images I had in my head. Good learning experiences and great fun, if a bit loony!

In this one I had vague memories of TV shows like Kinvig and Star Maidens. Ang the makeup artist was game to try some face-painting lunacy, and it was the last set of the day so we thought we've just do something mad. A bubble blower stood in for a ray-gun, the dreaded olive oil warm-up filter got another outing and I played with various backlighting schemes and filter choices. None of which distracts from the basic fact that it was a daft idea. Fun though!

What I learned: Face painting does not make for a particularly elegant look, it takes absolutely forever, and the risk of smudging it and needing repairs (and washing backdrops and costumes) is omni-present. I'd still be happy to shoot some more - it really was fun- but it isn't something we could justify doing regularly.

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