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Belle & Sabrina: Selling Her Slave

Mistress Belle is bored with slave Sabrina- she's too highly trained, too submissive. Not so much fun to break as the protesting new ones! So she heads off to the slave market to sell her off!

Hywel's Note: this set was shot a decade ago, and I was aware there were technical problems with it. Lights kept mis-firing, and the camera autofocus was all over the place. Turned out to be a dying camera- the next day I turned it on and the thing was a brick, so obviously it was mis-focussing and probably mis-timing the flash trigger signals too. But I liked the idea of selling a slave, so I've done my best to rescue the set for you. It's not up to the usual technical high standards of RE, apologies. I'll schedule a bonus set tomorrow as well to sweeten the deal.

72 pics 15.65 MB zip

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