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Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy: Orange Rope Debut

For the longest time, we bought our rope from Rainbow Rope. But when a friend asked for a supplier for the brightly-coloured nylon rope, we discovered that Rainbow Rope do not seem to be trading any more. That's a shame! They were super and very friendly the few times I'd met them in person. (I cleared them out of the whole reel of mint green at Fetishcon a few years ago!)

So we were on the trail of a new supplier, because there are a few colours we're missing. I fancied giving orange rope a go. Step up Agreeable Agony, US-based rope suppliers who have a nice range of coloured rope including the vibrant orange I'd had in mind. I order a reel, they were very helpful with sorting out postage to the UK. We couldn't wait to try it out, so when Chloe came to shoot we got her in the dungeon and I let Ariel loose with a rope harness design. My main contribution was to insist on the baby oil on Chloe's skin... I always love the way that looks. It's inconvenient as hell of course (everything sticks to oiled up skin) but it just looks so glam!

I love the way the set worked out. Chloe was on top form as always, Ariel did a lovely tie, I managed not to screw up the lighting or the shooting, and Agreeable Agony liked the sample photo I sent them so much they asked if they could use it on a business card. We hope you like the photos that much too!

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