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Chloe Toy
Chloe Toy: Deadly Rivals

Criminal mastermind Chloe is usurped by her lieutenant, who forces her to strip and shackle herself!

Hywel's note: I must admit to a little discomfort at the way this set came out. I think it is the tone set by the gun prop (which, being British, is of course a fake- the idea of using a real gun on set brings me out in a cold sweat) and by Chloe's acting, which were maybe a bit more realistic in tone than the 1970's Charlie's Angels cartoony effect I'd envisaged. It's a funny thing, what we're comfortable with in our silly little play-acted-for-fun BDSM storylines, isn't it? There's nothing wrong with finding this sexy- it's still a loony story, acted out for fun between consenting adults on a professional photoshoot. Just shows how personal the line is, I guess!

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