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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate: Tying Lady Liberty

We thought Kate looked absolutely stunning in the black sari and wondered how we could tie her up. She gracefully reached up an arm and suggested we could do a "Statue of Liberty" pose given that the Cornwall location had thoughtfully provided us with overhead beams to tie to. In contrast with the set I just posted of Anita deBauch as Britannia, this solved several major problems with combining draped fabrics and bondage.

First, if the wrist tie to the ceiling was done right, that in itself would be inescapable. With the knot at the top, which even Ariel had to stand on a chair to tie, there was no way of reaching. If her other hand was free, she might possibly be able to work the loops at the bottom around her wrist, though, so we thought a second rope tying her other hand behind her back would solve that. And with the top wrist high enough that she couldn't get teeth into play, she was STUCK. Going absolutely no-where. We didn't even need to tie her ankles- all she could do was spin at the end of the rope.

Oh and why the sari and the draped fabric thing? Partly because I think it looks sexy, partly because I am on a mission for maximum cultural appropriation, and partly because we've got a brand new MAJOR storyline feature coming up for 2017 which involves them. All will be revealed on Christmas Eve! #GameOfSlaves

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