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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate Warrior Maid

Kate the warrior maiden was walking through the woods late on autumn evening. Golden light on golden leaves, golden hair. Armed and armoured, Kate feared nothing and no-one.

The Black Knight had watched this sassy lass wander through the woods all afternoon. She seemed to be dreaming, lost in her thoughts. Carefully, the Black Knight crept closer and closer.

A twig cracked beneath his boot. Kate whirled, drawing her sword to fend off the intruder. He laughed as she lunged at him, sidestepped, brought his mace down on her wrist. She dropped her sword. He laughed again, pushed her roughly to the floor. He raised his mace, tapped her firmly on the head. It all went black.

She awoke on the floor of the Black Knight's lair. His armour and possessions lay strewn around her, she merely the latest item in his looted treasury. She noted the poor state of repair and the chaos. Squires don't stay with evil knights for long.

"So, my dear, you are awake! You are most welcome in my humble home. You see, I was down to my last crusts of bread and I've totally run out of wine. That fine armour you're wearing should fetch a goodly price... and I could do with the cash!"

The knight struck her once again, then stripped her armour off as she struggled.

Having removed her armour, the black knight loaded up his saddlebags.

"I must leave you for a while, my dear. I shall return with the proceeds of your generous gift, and share a meal with you. Do make yourself comfortable!"

With that, he rode off through the forest, leaving Kate to struggle on the floor of his lair and try to get free before he returned.

Kate had almost freed her wrists, a little more struggle and she would be free!

A horse's hoof-falls crushed her hope.

The Black Knight entered, bearing a flask of wine, some bread and a couple of apples.

He inspected Kate's bonds.

"Nearly, but not quite my dear! You'll have to do better than that!"

He tied her doubled over, but not before removing her trews.

"Enjoy yourself! See if you can free yourself in an hour or so! I have to conduct some negotiations with Omar the Slaver. I think I might be able to get a hundred florins for your tasty white rump, my dear. Better pray Omar's feeling rich, or I'll have to keep you for myself. And I ride my fillies pretty hard."

He slipped out, but kept in line of sight to watch her struggles. He had no intention of letting greasy Omar at this one. This one he wanted to break in for himself.

She was spirited, give her that! Her teeth made short work of the easy rope that he'd put there to give her false hope, but she was making pretty good progress on the wrists as well. Maybe he'd have to cut his hour short this time so she'd be out and free.

He hated doing that.

On the other hand, a chase through the forest might be good sport...

He gulped at the flask of wine, coughed it up as he saw she was about to get free. He rushed back into the tent.

"Well done, my fine young warrior maid! But I'm afraid I am not a very honourable man, a bit of a dastard in fact. I have other plans for you!" He unbuckled his belt.

The night was stormy, in more ways than one.

The following morning Kate lay hogtied on the sheepskins and furs of the Black Knight's tent. She tested the ropes. There was a bit of slack, but it was just a sliding slipknot. Fiendish.

She thought she probably COULD get her wrists free.

But on the other hand, the Black Knight was rather handsome. And he was a far, far better lover than the foppish dandy her father wanted her to marry. And he was really wicked, and something deep inside her responded to the combination of strength and sin like never before. Maybe he needed a squire? No, not a squire. Maybe he needed an accomplice, a willing partner in crime? She suspected he hadn't actually sold her armour yet. Maybe she could convince him that she was more valuable to him by his side than on the slave market block...

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