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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate Slave Auction

And here we have lot 1127 ladies and gentlemen. Blonde, as you can see. Well-trained, all openings catered for. Used to the feel of collar and chains, but still not totally tamed and in need of firm handling.

As usual, register your interest by clicking below. You will then be permitted to view this fine slavegirl's face and features.

The fee for further viewing is one million dollars, which will be transferred from your usual Swiss Bank account or by your usual agents.

Thank you for your interest.

Welcome, honoured customer! Thank you for expression of interest. We have had many viewers for this particular lot, I am sure you will agree she looks like a real handful. Please peruse these further samples. As you can see, the girl is exceptionally beautiful and has (thankfully!) a voluptuous figure. We see so many of these damn fashion models these days, it is like trying to sell skeletons. No doubt here- curves in all the right places. Wouldn't you like to run your hands around these curves, to caress or to correct?

You can!

All you have to do is to make a bid for this fine slavegirl.

If you want to join the final bidding, and see more what you may be buying, please click below.

As usual the entrance fee of two million dollars will be taken from your Swiss bank account or via your usual agent.

Thank you for your custom!

As I'm sure you will agree, honoured customer, you see a rare jewel before you.

Her innocence, although challenged by our training program, remains largely intact.

Surely you would like to be the one who removes her illusions?

Surely you would like to master her, to make her your own?

All it takes is a little money.

What am I bid for this fine slave girl?

Number of Photos: 118 photos, 7.8 MB ZIP file
ID #:
Price: $6.99 Per Zip File