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Kate (The Temptress)
Kate - Red PVC

I don't generally go in for the whole fem-dom look... I prefer the beauty of a bound girl to a Nazi-clad dominatrix.

On the other hand when Kate turns up with a tight red PVC dress and black spike thigh boots it has got to be worth experimenting, hasn't it? Though I'm not going to take any "bow down worthless worm" stuff for long. A few ropes and she looks a bit less sure of herself...

Now her hands are bound above her head and her legs are tight together, she can't go anywhere and she can't defend herself. Add a cinch around the waist and a tight crotchrope, hitch the crotchrope up to the ceiling hooks. No problem, so long as she stays still. Any movement and she totters a little on those impressive heels. But she's still in control.

A few strokes of the whip gets her wriggling around. Now she's off balance and she keeps putting more than a little weight on the crotchrope- it is the only way she has to steady herself. Sometimes it is fun to be mean

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