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Amy Allen
VIDEO: Amy - Big Bondage

Amy knew her flat-mate Ariel was some sort of assistant or researcher or producer or something for a big TV company, and she knew that they were looking for new on-screen talent. There's nothing Amy had ever wanted more than to be a famous celebrity. She'd do ANYTHING to be on telly! (Well, anything that didn't involve any actual hard work or perseverance, anyway).

Ariel was always a bit cagey about what she was working on. She said she might get in trouble if she let slip commercial secrets and someone stole their big idea. But she had left a couple of papers around the flat to do with this new "Big Bondage" program that the TV company was putting together. Amy couldn't sing, skate, dance or do anything much but she figured even she could probably make it being tied up on the telly. How hard could it be?

Ariel had a problem. She was actually the producer of the show, and she was having trouble recruiting enough air-heads to be pretty on camera and get tied up a lot. Perhaps if she left some stuff around for her vapid flat-mate to find...

Hywel's note: I hope it goes without saying, but the girls are acting! Amy is absolutely not an air-head, but it has to be said the character she is playing for this video totally is... :-)

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