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Andrea Neal
Andrea Renaissance

She always did have a thing for the Middle Ages. Knights and Damsels, dragons and virgin maidens, all that sort of thing. We had a Renaissance Fair in our little town every year, and same as every year she's come back with some Medieval knickknacks that she just couldn't do without. Maybe the ladies she meets for coffee mornings all dress up as princesses (and sip their coffee and bitch about their husbands, probably). This year she forbade me from coming along, which I suppose is fair enough as I'm usually just a grumpy "mundane" getting dragged around. It can be fun to pelt people with soggy fruit in the stocks, and the archery is quite cool, but all this shopping for historical or hysterical junk- I just don't get it. So this year she had a surprise package when she came back. She said it was a new dress (well OK, some of the dresses she buys do like pretty fine on her. But then, a plastic bin-liner would look pretty fine on her). Plus some extra little surprises. She told me she was going to get changed to show it off, slipped into the bedroom. When she called me in I wasn't exactly expecting her to be in gleaming steel chains with a black leather whip artistically arranged over her backside. I may not be much of a Medievalist, but I can take a hint....

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