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Andrea Neal
Andrea's Romantic Weekend

It had been a long, hard month at work. The bank had had her working on the deal with Nakimura night and day for a month, but finally the deal was closed. To their astonishment, she'd told the staff in the office to go home at 3 o'clock- they figured that finally even their bitch boss had had enough of banking for a while. She drove home with a Friday feeling that she hadn't had since the days when she was still a college girl and Michael had just got that first bank teller's job. Their friends wondered how they coped, with her being a bank V.P. and him being just a branch manager. They managed because they had a romantic secret. She may have been the Boss Bitch at work, but at home... Michael was the one who took charge. What did she want with the stress of taking decisions at home as well as at work? At home was the only time she could really relax and just let her trusted, loved husband - and master - take control. She knew word of the deal closing had to have got down to Michael by now. He'd promised her a romantic weekend as a reward for closing the deal and she was tingling with excitement as she got through the door. Michael wasn't home yet of course, but he'd had a courier sent around to lay a skimpy black dress out on the bed for her. One of the benefits of all the money she made! She wondered what else he might have ordered for her this weekend. Slowly she undid the jacket of her suit, slipped it off. The skirt and shirt followed. Such a relief to get out of the formal stuff, too stiff and not really very sexy. Not what Master Michael would want for her this weekend. She wanted to show off for him, to make sure he knew how much she loved him. A private little smile danced on her lips as she continued her divestment of the Boss Bitch clothes. She hoped Master Michael wouldn't be too late home.

She smoothes the dress that Michael has chosen for her over her body, caresses herself. She isn't, wouldn't dare to be, vain, but she thinks it looks good. She twirls to admire herself in the mirror. She hears the door slam, turns with a huge smile to greet her husband. Turns back to the mirror for one last check that she looks as perfect as she can be, skips out to the door. The weekend has begun!! She stands on tiptoes, hands demurely clasped behind her back, leans forwards to peck her husband and master on the cheek as he comes into the hall. He likes her to be prim and proper, demure and ladylike. It is so much more fun to start off that way! He drops his briefcase, lets her help him off with his coat, kicks off his shoes. Then he steps right up to her, his hip thrust hard into hers, plants his hand in the small of her back, bends her right over backwards with his kiss. She lets his strong arms support her, trusting him completely. It is a minute before they come up for air. He leads her into the kitchen, where a single place has been set at their breakfast table. That courier must have been busy! A single red rose adorns the table. She knows he likes her in black and red. "Have you been good?" he asks her.
"Oh YES, sir! Very good! Very very good!"
"Do you deserve a reward?"
"Oh PLEASE sir! Yes please sir!"
"I think you have been good. They told me at the office how good you've been. I think you do deserve a treat this weekend. Shall we start with dinner?"
"Oh yes please, sir! I'm very hungry sir! May I feed you, sir?" She often feeds him, as befits a slave.
"No, slave. I don't think so. Not this weekend. This weekend I think I shall feed you!"
Her eyebrow rises- this is a new game, a new twist! He gets out the soft white rope and binds her to the chair. Ropes around her ankles make sure she's staying seated. Ropes around her thighs, waist and breasts hug her. Ropes around her wrists make sure she won't be using her hands to eat with. He goes to the other end of the kitchen to prepare her meal. She stuggles and tests her bonds, flashes him a saucy look when he turns her way. Alright, so maybe they aren't the tightest ropes in the world, and probably she could get out, if she wanted to. She doesn't want to- she wants the first part of her reward. What sort of trouble would she be in if she escaped this early in the weekend? He might be so angry he'd just walk out the house and not give her any rewward at all! No, much better to escape some time later on, when he's already so turned on that he'll do something much more interesting... like tie her down to the bed and just start... oooooooo....... It had been a hard day at work, and she really was hungry! But he was determined to tease her for a while. He moved her seat just a little away from the table, added an extra loop of rope between the one at her wrists and the one around her waist. She couldn't quite reach the table, and that was the way her wanted it. He walked out of the kitchen. "I'll be back in an hour or so. I have other things to arrange." She shot a look of pure venom at his departing back. A whole hour! She started to struggle to reach the table. Maybe she could win a little victory by getting a strawberry before he came back. That would probably make him a little mad at her, and that had to be a good thing!! He was so much more inventive with punishments when he was a little mad! There was no way he was going to give her a whole hour to get free. The ropes weren't that well tied! Instead he waiting just around the corner, hoping to be able to catch her in the act of scoffing a strawberry against his orders. His own self discipline, unusually, failed first. He came back into the kitchen before she had really managed to make any progress towards the feast. Since he'd already miscalculated, he thought he'd better brazen it out. Don't want to spoil the fantasy or puncture the illusion of total mastery! "You haven't got very far in an hour, have you? You'd think you weren't hungry? Don't you like strawberries?" "Oh YES sir but..." "No buts! Open your mouth right now! You'll eat all the fruit I have carefully prepared for you, or you'll feel my riding crop across your backside!" She lowered her eyes and opened her mouth. She had almost managed to make him angry enough to crop her. But there were going to be plenty more opportunities to provoke him into giving her what she longed for this weekend. And she was hungry, and she did love strawberries, and round red grapes, and melon slices... and this was so much more fun that eating a TV dinner in front of some boring old film! (Hywel's note: I'm not quite sure why, but feeding strawberries to a struggling Andrea Neal is one of the most erotically charged things I have ever done. God damn, I'm glad I seized the chance to work with her!)

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