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Amy Allen
Amy: in the Sun

Amy Allen is an absolute joy to work with. She never complains, has a super positive attitude to even the toughest bondage concepts, and never really stops smiling.

Which is a good job, because this set was an absolute technical nightmare. Once Amy was tied up, the sun went in. So everyone waited, including Amy. Then the sun came out, we picked up the reflector (which we use for outdoor shoots to reflect the light onto the model if she's partly in shade), and the light from it just about blinded Amy. Who squinted a bit, but carried on smiling, posing, and being generally fabulous.

Then the sun went in. So we stopped shooting, added some more ropes, and waited. By now, Amy had been tied up and unable to use her hands for a good 20 minutes. But she sat happily on the grass and carried on chatting to the crew.

The sun came out, blinded Amy, and one of the ropes slipped off.

We re-tied the rope.

The sun went in. And Amy bore it all with the patience of a saint. No wonder she's so popular - we love Amy Allen!

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