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Andrea Neal
Andrea Neal and the Diamond Connection

She was so sure that all she'd have to do would be to turn on the waterworks. Honestly, who can resist a sobbing gorgeous girl? It was only the one diamond, after all! He had lots more! And surely he wouldn't suspect her real motive for wanting to get her hands on it long enough to have it analysed?

Turns out he didn't appreciate over inquisitiveness, even from curvaceous cuties playing a bit dumb or turning on the tear taps. Now she knew what Marlon the Minder's real job was, and it seemed like he was pretty determined to get the answers from her, any way it took...

Hywel's Note: As part of our tenth birthday celebrations, here is a real rarity. A geniune, brand-new, exclusive bondage photoset of one of the all time great bondage models, the stunning Andrea Neal! I shot this set with her just before she retired, a few weeks before Restrained Elegance opened its doors. It is not so much that I've been saving it as that I never had a good way to look at it. It was shot on 35mm black and film negative film, and scanning that is a pretty high-end job. So when I had the colour slide sets of Andrea re-scanned for the archives this month I took the opportunity to get this one scanned so you (and I!) could see it in its full glory for the very first time! Enjoy!

108 pics 22.5 MB zip

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