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Zoe (aka Aimee)
Aimee Paparazzi Tease Tied

She always played up to the paparazzi... and she always slagged them off in every interview! Typical celeb wannabe! Go out on the red carpet, flash your tits, make sure the cameras catch it, then complain about intrusions of privacy. Seems she went a bit far this time- one of the guys just decided he'd had it with her! I've no idea where he got the cuffs from- they're a suspiciously good match to her dress aren't they? Do you reckon they cooked the whole stunt up between them for publicity? I dunno. He's really giving her what for! So the press photographers had had enough of her... and tied her up. She was such a schemer that she couldn't fail to make full use of the photo opportunity- even making sure that "accidentally" her dress fell down and they got a really good face full of her tits!
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