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Zoe (aka Aimee)
Aimee Tree Tied Sacrifice

The travelling magician told the villagers that the marshlights showed the anger of the nature spirits, that they souring of the acorns that had poisoned Old Farmer Milton's pig showed that the great horned god of the forests was angry with them. He spoke of villages far away, on the other side of the forest, empty ruins now, smouldering remains as mute witness to the gods' powerful anger. He told them that the only way to save their village was to placate the gods by offering them a ritual sacrifice, the blood of a maiden to spare the rivers of blood that would surely flow if the gods were not appeased... the girl was selected by the magician himself, the proudest, most beautiful in all the village... they took her out to the forest and shackled her there, to await the coming of the forest gods... The villagers had left her here, shackled and helpless, to await the fall of night and the coming of the Forest Gods. That creepy magician had told them all about the villages on the other side of the forest, of how the gods came and burned everything to the ground. She was terrified, but if her death could save everyone she knew... she swallowed, throat dry with fear in the fading heat of the afternoon. The branches rustled at the edge of the clearing. Surely the gods were not here already? Everyone knew the forest gods rode only at night. She caught a glimpse of dark robes through the trees. It was that foul magician! "Well my dear, they have made a fine job of chaining you up, haven't they? Let's have a better look at you!" he said, as he reached out to bare her breasts! "Don't shy away, my love! You and I are going to get very much better acquainted!" the foul old man said as he leered at her. "But... the gods!" she screamed as he pawed at her.. "the sacrifice! They will be angry!""Tricks and stories for simpletons! Only country bumpkins would be taken in by all those... wooo! Scary stories about the villages on the other side of the forest! Don't worry my dear" he said as he touched her up "those scary ghoulies aren't going to eat you! You're coming with me... and I see a bright future ahead of you, pretty little thing like you..."
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