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Zoe (aka Aimee)
Zoe Karate Student

So, student, you believe you are worthy to study at the feet on Master Li? Display your sword work. Psha! Pathetic! Your blows are ill-timed, you have no strength, no focus. Your ki is not directed. You are not showing off for your pretty boys now! You are worthless and weak and you have wasted every moment of your teacher's time!

As Master's senior student I cannot permit you to meet the great Master! I will not insult him by displaying such a worthless wretch! If you want to speak to the Master, you must first show me that you have some self discipline. Lie down here, in the dirt. Do not make a sound. You will remain here, tied down, until I am satisfied! She sensed that the Senior Student's gaze was on her once more... and that there was more to it that the pure disdain he put in his voice. Was that a hard-on in his gi? Yes! So that would be it! All she had to do to get what she wanted was to wiggle her hips, pout and flirt... he'd be butter in her hands! "You worthless American slut!" He slapped her hard across the face. "Do not imagine that you can get your way with making eyes at me! If I want to look on your body I will do... " (he tore open her top) "but do not imagine that I am so lacking in self-discipline that I will let you manipulate me that way!" He called over the other students... and to her horror they all undid their trousers and stood around her, hands jack-hammering up and down rigid shafts... "You will learn your lesson, or you will never speak to the Master!"
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