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Zoe (aka Aimee)
Zoe - Late for Work
Yes, I'm sorry Mr. Morrison, it's Zoe here. I know I'm late, I'm just on my way to the office, I'm really sorry. My boyfriend had turned off my alarm and well... I kind-of overslept. Thank you Mr. Morrsion, I'll be there as soon as I can There, you idiot! You've made me late! What sort of stunt was that to pull, turning off my alarm and tying me up while I was asleep? I know you always wake up 'proud and ready for action' but really! I was supposed to go the meeting at 9 am, not being roughly taken whilst tied to the bed with silk scarves, you know! I gotta go, honey, I really have... maybe you can find something else to tie me up with tonight when I get home???

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