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Zoe (aka Aimee)
Zoe - Drunken Party Girl

What a crummy hick town. Only ten nightclubs, and most of those shut by two in the morning. Two in the morning! She was barely starting to get into her stride by then! Ah well, back to the hotel room and on her own, the men in this town were ugly, ugly or VERY ugly. How to amuse herself? No more champers, the hotel had even run out of beer... what's this? A bunch of handcuffs and metalwork? KINKY! Wonder who they belong to?

She started to play with the handcuffs, imagining being locked into them by a hot stud (or a hot cick, either would do, anything to beat the depressing mudanity of this oh-so-average little town!) Too drunk to really know what she was doing, she clicked the handcuffs into place on her wrist and locked herself to the chair...

She was having fun locking herself in steel. Kinda. She was too drunk to really care what was going on, and it was less boring than going to sleep. She didn't really even notice when her breasts made a bid for freedom from her scandaously small boob tube... nor did she really wonder who the cuffs even belonged to.

Whoever it was, he was mighty annoyed to find her in his room! She'd slipped the lock with her credit card to raid the minibar, having exhuasted the supplies in her own room. So what? He ought to be pleased to find a genuine CELEB in his hotel room, oughtn't he? Jeez, you'd think it was a big deal or something!

Hey, what are you doing with the keys, bozo? That isn't funny!

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