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Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter's First Suspension

I'm rather a fan of Amy Hunter. She was one of the first professional spanking models I was aware of when I started investigating fetish modelling and when I eventually had a chance to work with her I was terribly impressed both by her extraordinary pain tolerance (she's a fair bit braver than me with corporal punishment, as a visit to her blog will prove nicely) and her super ability as a dom/top. She reduced me to tears on our first shoot together (with a nice combination of head-games and hard hand-strapping) and then kindly let me tie her up for a quick scene at the end of the movie we were shooting. Which she said she rather liked. Hmmm, this made me very interested, so I showed Hywel her picture. And he thought it'd be a very good idea to shoot her.

Shooting with someone like Amy, who's got loads of experience with, and tolerance for BDSM generally, but with no background of bondage modelling is quite a rarity. She had not, of course, been suspended before, so it seemed rude to let her leave the studio without trying it out. Hywel created a rig which we hoped would be relatively comfortable, and Amy graciously allowed herself to be dangled above the dungeon floor and spun around. I'm afraid I tickled her a bit too, my memories of the hand-strapping still being rather vivid in my mind.... I do like looking at Amy, with her lovely gym-honed body and cascades of blonde hair trailing towards the floor..... Hope you do too! I can't wait to shoot with her again.


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