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Christina Carter
Christina - Silver Service

What's that, sir? A silver service card? Why of course, the silver members' executive lounge is right this way, sir. Can I get you some champagne? I'm Christina, and I'll be your hostess for the duration of your stay. When is your flight, sir? Not until 10 o'clock? Well, we have some quality time together, then! What can I get you?

Silver service staff are not supposed to drink on duty, especially not the customer's complimentary champers. And strictly speaking, they aren't meant to get frisky with the customers either. You get a much better service in Gold, of course. That's why 98% of my boring business colleagues always go gold, and why I get looked down on a bit by the clueless idiots.

No, Gold is where they've shipped all the dull service staff. Silver is where you can find the feisty ones, like Christina here. And they know that their staff might be a little difficult in Silver, which is why they provide ample means for correction along with the free champagne and canapes. They encourage a fairly hands-on approach to dealing with customer complaints in Silver. And they even have private rooms around the back in case you want to show a particularly delicious problem case the error of her ways with a good stiff length of cock.

Silver Service. It's the only way to fly!

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