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Christina Carter
Christina Carter & Freya: The Sultan's Wife (Part One)

Having managed to escape from the jealous attentions of harem head girl Ariel, poor Christina Carter finds herself called to the chambers of the Sultan's wife, who it seems also wants to size up this new arrival. Deciding the new girl is most definitely a threat, she decides to stamp her authority on her early!

First she humiliates Christina by using her as a serving girl and foot stool, then she steals the lovely dress that she was given to wear. Far too good for her! She strips Christina naked and claps her in cold steel shackles... but she's not finished with her yet!

Hywel's note: we shot these photos a few years ago, way before the video with Ariel and Christina. In fact the video of this set went up ages ago. It was only when I was looking through my hard drive to edit the video with Ariel that I realised I'd never put these up- so here they are! So the video with Ariel is actually a prequel to the older one with Freya.

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