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Christina Carter
Christina Carter: The Governor's Treasure

There's pirates, and then there's pirates. We just pilfer from petty merchant ships who are too dumb to sail in the naval convoys. It is almost a service, keeping the merchant houses on their toes, providing gainful employment for all those navy sailors who might otherwise be out starting a real war. No, the real pirates are the governors. Each one more powerful in his domain than the highest king, with absolute authority over life and limb, backed up by the marines and the whole Royal Navy if need be. And they steal something of everything a girl buys, sells, inherits or earns out here!

But that does mean the Governor must be rich. As in beyond the dreams of avarice rich. As in piles of loot lying around in the stronroom of the Governor's mansion kind of rich. As in so rich you could buy yourself a private island with the proceeds of one raid sort of rich. Tempting!

Bad, sadly, a trap. As Cap'n Christina Carter found out to her cost when the guards jumped her and clapped her in irons. Normally, they'd send a pirate to be swung from the yard-arm, but the Governor knows there will be excellent money for such an attractive package out here- or maybe he'll keep her as a sex slave in his dungeons?

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